9 Paul (Clyde) Hammond


Team Hammond

        9 Clyde(Paul) Hammond 

D.O.B.: 28/6/68 

Relational Status: Happily Married (we think) - last time we heard now with son Flynn Sexual Status: He's getting it (mae'r fenyw yn dweud) 

Vital Statistics:- 

Height: 6"3' (so we've been told) 

Weight: 13st 6lb /85Kg 

Hair: Too short for Ali 

Eyes: Grey/Green/blue 

Occupation: Unofficially Electronics Technician 

Playing Position: Creative Master
Paddling Style: Windmill with broken body  

Boat: Mega - 

Paddle: Mega - Kinetic (used upside down - too many bottles of wine)

Claim to Fame: Gave the longest speech anyone in Ireland has ever heard of. (e.g How many broken fingers need to be lost, how many children must die, how many rain fforests must be cut down......... you get the picture because we do. 

Nickname Explanation:-  You have to be old enough to remember the "Right turn Clyde"

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