8 Hywell (Moomin) Whitaker


just one more for the road !!!

    8 Hywel (Moomin) Whitaker 

D.O.B.: 3/8/74 

Relational Status: Young Free & Single 

Sexual Status: Resting 

Vital Statistics:- Height: 5'7"    and shrinking                                                                                                                            Weight: 9st 0lb / 59Kg

Hair: Blonde Elvis Look falling off back 

Eyes: Blue 

Occupation: Production Director (Tea Boy)

Playing Position: Attacker 

Paddling Style: Headless Chicken, but largely not enough to even think about breaking sweat. 

Boat: Mega - Mystere 

Paddle: Mega - Eclipse 

Claim to Fame:  Still looking for one !!

Nickname Explanation:- Moomin comes from the fact he looks like a moomin (the cartoon people).Not sure it was Sooty (From Meridian) who first came up with this.

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