1 Tim (Buzz) Williams


      1 Buzz (Tim) Williams

D.O.B.: 01/11/78   
Relational Status: Long term girlfriend
Vital Statistics:- Height: 5'10"
Weight: Prone to balancing issues after 6 pints and lingering hangovers!  Anywhere between 74-78kgs
Hair: Receeding, blonde with a worrying amount of grey flecks?
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Self Employed Builder and Landlord
Playing Position:  Primary role is the spare wheel in the team, frequently used as a dummy runner or a shield. Oh and I am actually the water boy. I also drive the van when Howie is tired. I'm pretty important really!
Paddling Style: Ex white water paddler, have paddled extensively in the French Alps, also the Austrian Alps, Norway, NZ, Australia, Zambezi, Scotland, Ireland and loads of the Creeks and Rivers of Wales. 
Boat:  Vampire S! In dire need of replacement, though I am possibly the most fussy person in the world when it comes to a boat? 
Paddle: Streamlyte Reactors and Q-dos Eclipse

Claim to Fame: Once gave  Alan Vessey a meter and a half head start whilst marking him at halfway, my next job was to get the ball out of our net . Once saved Chris from being beaten by GB U21 girls!

Nickname Explanation:-   Hmm, this is actually quite boring considering the potential for nicknames. Came from a victorious Dragon trip to Cup of the North in Canada. "Buzz" as in Buzz lightyear, either came from the rocket speed that I picked up snow boarding going from complete beginner on day 1 to Double Black Diamond Pro by day 5 (if it wasn't for the groin strain on day 1 this meteoric rise could possibly have been achieved by day 4.5)! Or, as a small minority in the team believe, the name came from the fact I was wearing body armour, which gave me the appearance of overly developed shoulders and a similar appearance to to Pixars' most loved character? 

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